Nagi Sanzenin

三千院 ナギ, Ojou-sama, Mask the Money
Age: 13 Birthday: December 3 Height: 138 cm Weight: 29 kg Blood Type: AB Likes: Manga reading drawing and writing Anime Video games Dislikes: School Spicy food Dark places Finance Learning Being kidnapped Lose to anyone Being alone Anyone who likes Hayate Nagi is the only heir to the Sanzenin fortune. She isnt just your average rich girl. Calling her rich would be selling her short. The Sanzenin fortune is so large throwing away 20 trillion yen in a red herring investment is considered a prank. Nagi is a shorttempered spoiled antisocial or socially withdrawn hates to lose and to admit her faults has a considerably hard time confessing her true feelings towards Hayate or anything in the fact of the matter she acts immature a large portion of the time but is ultimately a good educated girl. She is good at finance and likes to learn. Her mind is possessed with her own. She cares for her family and friends but she doesnt want to show her concern directly. She usually tends to show her concern with formal words. She is a tomboy and tsundere hikkikomori princess. Since going outside is very dangerous because of her status Nagi favors staying at home. Not liking company in general she lives away from her grandfather in a small compared to the main Sanzenin estate mansion with minimal staff. Despite her Otaku NEETlike lifestyle she is intelligent enough to skip 3 grades at school which even turns out to be one of Tokyos most prestigious academies. She has an otakulevel hobby with manga anime and video games and draws her own manga. Her Otakulevel is high enough that she has submitted entries for multiple amateur manga competitions though her entries never won. Her only surviving family is her grandfather whom she doesnt like so she regards Maria as a mother or older sister figure and warns Hayate not to touch Maria in any indecent way or she will never forgive him. She has a crush on Hayate and has misunderstood Hayate thinking that he loves her. Source: Wikipedia