Bee is the little dog who Majin Buu finds and befriends along with Mr. Satan. Buu bonds with the puppy and is playing catch with him when two gangsters shoot the dog. Buu heals the puppy but hes enraged by the event and even more so after they shoot at Mr. Satan which causes him to flip and create Evil Buu. During the end of the Buu Saga Mr. Satan and Bee travel around the area until they encounter Gohan Piccolo Goten Trunks and Super Buu. Fans get to see a lighter more caring side of Mr. Satan during this time as he makes sure that Bee is safe while the Super Saiyan Vegetto clashes with Buu. Bee lives with Mr. Satan and Buu after the Buu Saga and is once being looked after by Bulma and Trunks in Wrath of the Dragon presumably being lent to Trunks by Buu for a few days. He appears again although very naturally aged in the last 3 episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. In the English manga the dog is known as Bay.