Rei Kiriyama

桐山零, Zero, Rookie King
Birthday:Apr 26
Initial Age:17
Occupation: Shogi Player Height: 170cm 56 He is the main protagonist whose progression is explored through the series. He is a teenage professional shogi player currently ranked at 5thdan. He is widely lauded in the shogi community as the fifth shogi player to become a professional in middle school. Using his salary combined with his life savings he lives in his own apartment while juggling between his official matches and high school. By the time the story begins Rei is also a frequent visitor of the Kawamoto residence where the family treats him as one of their own despite his initial reluctance to become close with them. Rei has blackframed glasses and dark green eyes clashing well with his wavy black hair which almost looks shiny. He can usually be found in his adoptive fathers old green sweater and/or his school uniform.