Tao Pai Pai

桃白白, Mercenary Tao, General Tao
Tao Pai Pai is TsuruSen039nin039s younger brother and a highly skilled assassinforhire. He is hired by the Red Ribbon Army in order to retrieve the Dragon Balls that Goku holds and to kill him. He succeeds beating Goku and taking all but one of his Dragon Balls which saves Goku life from Tao039s final strike. Tao Pai Pai returns three days later to retrieve the Dragon Ball. Goku however received special training from Karin during the three days and proves to be far too strong for Tao. Tao tries to kill Goku with a grenade but Goku deflects it straight back at him greatly wounding him. Tao Pai Pai is rebuilt as a cyborg by his older brother and competes in the 23rd Tenkaichi Bud?kai brutally defeating Chaozu. He fights Tenshinhan next and cuts his chest with a knife leaving the warrior with a scar. Tenshinhan disarms and defeats him shortly after. Tao Pai Pai reappears later in the anime during the Cell Games Saga. He also Resembles Lau Chan from Virtua Fighter