Nadeko Sengoku

Birthday:Jun 3
Height: 152 cm Nadeko the main character of Nadeko Snake is Tsukihi friend back in elementary school. She always wears a waist pouch always casts her eyes downward has her bangs covering her eyes has a shy personality and can be easily amused. Koyomi played with her a lot whenever she visited his house after being invited by his sisters. She refers to Koyomi as Koyomi oniichan and appears to have feelings for him. Shes quite protective of her hair particularly her forelocks thinking that its her place to guard more than her panties. When she finally combed her forelocks aside in Nisemonogatari Koyomi commented that she has a glare just like a serpent probably foreshadowing the story of Nadeko Medusa. In Nademonogatari