Ludwig Hewitt

Home town: Tearmoon Empire One of Mia loyal retainers. The second son of a mercantile family he had been a bright spark ever since he was a young boy. Hed always dreamed of becoming a government official but it didnt take him long to realize just how rotten to the core the Tearmoon Empire was after he began studying towards that goal. It was because of this that he truly despised those blueblooded nobles and the imperial family. Disciple of the Wandering Sage In the previous timeline he was a tax official in a department at the Imperial Capital but was transferred to a department in the countryside by the time Mia was 11. During the Empires financial crisis he tried very hard to convince the others to rebuild the Empire. Even though he despises the nobility due to a certain event he changed his mind towards Mia. By the time Mia was imprisoned he was running around proposing for Mias release. In the timeline of the main story he remained working at the Imperial Capital and due to a display of wisdom from Mia he swore his loyalty to her... Spoiler from Volume 4 of the LN