Dietrich von Lohengrin

Also known as the Puppet Master he has the ability to control bodies of both human beings and vampires alike even if the person has already died. Unlike most members of his order he is a Terranhuman and believes that his involvement with the Rosenkreuz Orden has a great purpose for the world. from Wikipedia Codename: Marionettenspieler German for quotPuppeteerquot Other name: Dean Butler fake name used to disguise him as Isaak039s brother Born: 3042 AD in Germanicus modern Germany Age:21 years old. Ranking: 8=3 039Magister Order of the Magi039 Power: Wires that seal and control a victim039s action and perception He is also an expert on quotLost Technologyquot which is very rare in Trinity Blood universe. His past: Dietrich was born in a province in Germanicus the son of a landowner. At very young age he was able to display his unusual intelligence to the point that it scared the people of his town. He was not treated as a genius but rather as a monster. When Dietrich was six his father tried to kill him because he grew scared of the little boy039s apparent potential for evilness. He was unsuccessful however as Dietrich was able to kill his entire family at the age of 6. He used his father039s lands to collect people from his own town and use them as his toys. He experimented on them and killed them. When Dietrich was 7 Cain and Isaak visited his town by coincidence. When Dietrich saw Cain Dietrich was amazed at the tremendous power that Cain possesses. This was the first time in his life that he found someone who is far more powerful than he is. Cain is a being that has surpassed good and evil hence he became an element of pure destruction. At this time Cain and Isaak already seized control of the ROSENCREUZ. Dietrich joined the Orden and at the age of 10 he was already in a high ranking position. Perhaps the encounter with Cain and Isaak had given the boy a purpose for his life as he was rather aimless at the beginning. Dietrich is innocent but evil. That is why he makes a formidable enemy of Abel and Esther. To him trust love friendship and loyalty do not exist and he therefore goes on without these alone. He sees people as his toys. He is intrigued by Esther and Abel because they are complete opposites of him. It039s not unusual for a devil to pose as the bringer of light.