Briareos Hecatonchires

Briareos is a prime example of the technology of cybernetic implants in Appleseed. Although his body is almost completely artificial he suffers little loss in humanity. His outer skin is elastic capable of feeling sensation and the temperature can be adjusted to the cyborgs preferences. He has eight eyes mounted on his head four in his face The large sensor in the middle is actually his nose two at the bases of his rabbit ear sensors and two at the tips which allow him to safely look around corners. His brain is augmented by an auxiliary brain that acts as an information processor and is capable of handling information in a conceptual format rather than hard numerical data. His cybernetics controller the Hecatonchires system is named after the same 100 handed giants from Greek mythology. It is capable of controlling dozens of limbs or other cyborg bodies independently from one another with no additional strain on the user. In the manga it is pointed out that a cyborg equipped with the Hecatonchires system is able to fully control an entire aircraft carrier on his own. This ability to process multiple limbs at once is seen in the film when he is seen using one rifle in his Landmates arms and another in the control arms. Note: Briareos is the only known cyborg who has successfully integrated with Hecatonchires system all other test subjects could not handle it and died. This is shown in the latest appleseed movie. Source: Wikipedia