Kihel Heim

Oldest daughter of the Heim family. Though Kihel is a wealthy heiress she chooses to look for work and gain realworld experience rather than attend university. She sticks close to Guin Lineford during Dianna Counter039s first attack and uses the opportunity to become his assistant. Her new position brings her to the attention of the leaders of the Moonrace. Kihel bears a striking resemblance to Dianna Soreil which allows her to become the Queen039s double. Note: Kihel has darker skin and Dianna has lighter eye highlight but those visual differences are for conveniences of viewers. They have identical appearances in the prospective of characters in the show. She takes Dianna039s place at the Queen039s behest and due to events beyond their control ends up having to impersonate Dianna and lead the Dianna Counter on a longterm basis. The two go on to switch names and roles several times. Kihel and Dianna share many qualities beyond appearance and their ideals are so aligned that for a time they consider themselves a single person. Even so Kihel has much more energy than Dianna and does not share Dianna039s longing for an ordinary life. She is very good at masking her insecurity over whether or not she can live up to Dianna039s example.