凰花, Ouka of the Divine Fist
A career werewolf Ouka is a fearsome fighter. She originally meets Shugo and Rena at a special cherry blossom festival when coming to see them and Mireille. Shugo takes an instant attraction to her especially in wolf form as he quotloves puppies.quot Ouka is all too happy to respond to Shugo039s affections in kind. Like Shugo it is not known how far she really wants this interaction to go though Ouka appears to milk it for all its worth. As a character Ouka has two alternate shapes a white wolf that can use human languages and a tall pale voluptuous human the age of 20 with wolf039s ears. In real life she is an extremely nerdylooking student who has a parttime job as Mireille039s tutor. Her class type is Werewolf due to The World expansion pack available to very strong players. Ouka039s one interest is challenge she is all the time seeking quota worthy foequot. This has led to some suspicion that if Shugo fulfilled his sister039s expectations of heroism Ouka would deem him such a foe and kill him. The second volume of A.I. Buster mistranslates her name as Orca in the english version.