He is a kindhearted magic user. Half Japanese and half Irish and, he initially joined the Japanese server to be more close to his mother's culture (from the AI Buster 2 manga). He is American, but visits the Japanese server where the others play, because he felt it was one of the best ways to learn the Japanese language. Shugo thinks he is a girl, but he is a boy in real life (shown in .Hack//Legend of the twilight offline meeting). On his first visit, he met Sanjuro, who taught him about his name, and became his friend. He is often confusing words or using common Japanese phrases, and sometimes adding unneeded "-desu" to his words. He loves all animals, which can sometimes be a problem for his party members (He just cannot attack the monsters). He nurses a Grunty back to health with the help of Shugo, and keeps it as a pet. Later named Puchiguso-san (in the anime), he normally is found hanging off of his cap. His class type is Wavemaster; his avatar is similar to Elk (.hack game series).[1]