Yan Cang

苍焱, The Demon Lord
An ancient chaotic beast and also an honored demon he describes losing a loved one to be one of the most painful things on earth. Vengeful Cang Yan wanted the emperor to pay with his life for Li Zhus death. He is not scared of sacrificing his own life to protect Zhu indeed not afraid of being killed and having his soul disappear altogether. Yan wages a campaign searching his conquered realms to find the reincarnation of Zhu. He considers it whimsical that a human emperor wants to negotiate peace and questions his own advisors on what capital he has to negotiate and then what qualifications. Yan voices this human race is brave to challenge him. Observing his armies fight he answers a human that the invasion came about probably because he was bored and such wars are foolish games for him. Seeing the mortal looks like Zhu he considers it an imitation and sets about fighting him. Yan extends an offer that if Ye Li can leave one scratch he will agree to one request. It is only with his sword does Yan realize Ye Li is Zhus reincarnation but wonders why he does not recognize him when they have known each other since seven thousand years ago. Yans demonic tendencies are replaced by notions if caring for the injured Ye Li.