ヴィーター, Knight of the Iron Hammer
Vita in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha As Vita enters As on a hunt with Zafila for strong Linker Cores to absorb into the Book of Darkness. She targets Nanoha Takamachi which she deems to be a juicy target unlike the usual TSAB redshirts which can barely fill up a single page of the Book of Darkness. Nanoha puts up a decent fight but Vita tilts the deck with two cartridges bullet shaped things that contain highpressure magic manages to overpower her obtaining a power superiority so vast that she heavily damaged the Raising Heart. However before she could get the Linker Core Fate Testarossa and Yno Scrya come to the rescue. Vita fights them off with her fellow Wolkenritter Signum and Shamal and they declare themselves enemies. The battle ends with Shamal finally managing to get Nanohas Linker Core and Nanoha breaking Vitas barrier. Vita in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Four years after the As epilogue Second Lieutenant Vita is subcommander of the Stars Squad in the TSAB working directly under Nanoha who in turn obeys Hayate. She and the other Wolkenritter were kept close to Hayate and each other Shamal and Zafira are support Signum is with the Lightning Squad because they work most effectively as a team. Source: Wiki