Sylvia van Hossen

シルヴィア=ファン・ホッセン, Sylvie

Arima Teppei's fiancée and sparring partner. She is very skilled in sword fighting and enjoys her spars with Teppei. She is a bit reserved and is trying to understand Teppei being a friend first. She is the elder of the two daughters of the Head of Van Hossen Family, Vincent van Hossen. Maria, her younger sister wants her to marry Teppei. Her best friend in school is Charlotte, the Princess of Hazelrink. Seiyuu: Princess Lover! OVA Suzune Kusunoki (楠 鈴音) Mother:

According to the eroge, her mother is Japanese and Vincent van Hossen's first wife. This means that Sylvia's sister, Maria, is her half-sister, since Maria's mother is the second wife of Vincent Van Hossen.