A strange man who uses a sound-based electric guitar Mysticker named Jimmy or Jimi (depending on translation). It is named after the famous guitar player James "Jimi" Hendrix, and he's seen playing a normal guitar, but when he gets picked on by bullies, wanting his Mysticker he makes a quick work of them. Jimmy has the ability to make sound shock waves which can be made stronger with an amplifier mysticker. It also has a blade and with the plucking of a string can vibrate like a chainsaw, and finally he can control other people with his guitar. He is shown to be a part of the larger organization of strays and nearly gets into a fight with a leader before that leader shows his insane speed. A subordinate of Shuga, though he prefers to be alone and not help the organization as he has his own motives for killing Daichi. Kaine can also activate "Blazer Drive", the maximum tension state of a Blazer. After he activated Blazer Drive he got an insane increase in speed and power and he cannot feel pain, but it turned off quickly. He was defeated by Daichi. He is locked up afterwards, but released by Sumiya later on for an experiment. (Source: Wikipedia)