Cross Marian

クロス・マリアン, General
Birthdate: July 31 Age: Unknown Height: 195cm 64 Weight: 82kg 180 lbs Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown Blood Type: AB Nationality: Unknown Affiliation: Black Order European Branch Black Order Rank: General Innocence: Judgement amp Grave of Maria Relatives: Anita amp Anitas mother lovers First appearance in Anime: Episode 02 First appearance in Manga: Chapter 02 Allens teacher a scientist and also one of the five Exorcist Generals. Currently he has gone on a journey and has stopped corresponding with HQ for four years. Allen fears him which is hinted from the fact most of his flashbacks that connect to his teacher end with some kind of traumatizing usually humorous for readers experience. He also has a habit of going into debt and making Allen work it off for him. It is revealed by Bookman that Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma making them to work under his orders. The method of conversion is unknown though. Beside that its believed that Marian has the ability to control the Noahs Ark an ability granted to him by a traitor of the Noah family who was subsequently killed by the Earl although its unknown if this hypothesis of the Earl will turn out to be correct. Marian seems to be the only person the Earl is seriously worried about. Marian is the only exorcist with two antiakuma weapons. His first one is Grave of Maria which is a woman corpse that has a parasite type Anti Akuma weapon She only serves Master Cross. The second one is Judgement which is a Giant revolver Gun and Crosses own AntiAkuma Weapon. Right now Cross is missing after he talked with Allen about his relation with the 14th.