Melan Blue


A living weapon Monomakia, known as a Gun-Swordsman, Melan is the main hero of the series. Melan is tall and humanoid in appearance, wearing blue armor. A set of retractable wings extend from his back, apparently needed for flying. A narrow, single-edge sword is attached to his right arm and a powerful laser rifle is on his left. Melan has no actual hands. He can reach and grab objects, even a newspaper, with a set of tentacles that extend from his chest. Melan is discovered by Marin and assigns himself the mission of protecting her from Monomakia that would seek to kill her. For what reason so, he doesn't talk about, apparently under orders of strict secrecy. Melan is fairly emotionless and doesn't understand human life. Only after observing Marin for some time, does he come to understand peace. Melan is courageous beyond all definitions of the word and doesn't stop fighting, even when critically injured. He has a strong sense of honor and justice. (Source: Wikipedia)