Aoni Jian

简·奥尼, Shawn
14 years old half Italian half German in 8th grade at an international school in Shanghai. He is a goodlooking boy comes from a family steeped in the arts. His father is a literary giant and his mother is a maestro conductor. Influenced by his parents he has high expectations of his lifestyle. He is calm does not often express what he really feels and sometimes comes across wrongly as a proud arrogant person. After meeting Barefoots teammate he is opened up a little bit. In GGO matches he is a strong steady defender. He has control of a strong defense line that rarely lets anything in as well as a very competent midfield. He is completely confident in his defense. At every match he always has a bottle of iced water nearby to help him think calmly how much iced water depends on how good he thinks his opponents are.