肥宝, Timmy
13 years old Shanghainese in first year at secondary school. He is a childhood friend of Isaacs and is a chubby little boy who is honest responsible and easily content. He has his principles works methodically and does not like people who try to walk before they learn to crawl. Timmy loves hotdogs and always carries ketchup mustard and relish with him. He does not have much ambition and he just wants to go to university but after entering the GGO competition and with Isaacs influence he is beginning to think about what his life goals are. In GGO matches he is a responsible and hardworking defender. He is not particularly talented and is a little insecure but his hard work makes up for it. Because he is used to failure he does not let it depress him and in fact he is always looking for lessons to be learnt in everything.