Rolo Vi Britannia

ロロ・ヴィ・ブリタニア, The Cardinal

Lelouch's twin brother that looks like Lelouch himself. Rolo had been taken from Marianne when he was a baby, due to the superstition of twin princes bringing misfortune. Therefore, his existence is unknown to Lelouch and Nunnally. He is involved with the Geass Order and known as The Cardinal. He pilots his very own customized Vincent Knightmare Frame and his piloting skills are somewhat ruthless and cold. He first appeared in chapter 10 with Schneizel, who is heading to Area 11, and later meets Suzaku, who can tell that he's not Lelouch. Like Nunally and Lelouch, Rolo has access to Geass powers, and is able to summon his own personal Vincent Knightmare Frame. His Geass, "The Ice", possesses the same ability as the original Rolo's (to halt one's experience of time) and as the name implies, encases its victims in a layer of ice. He plans to kill Nunnally and Lelouch so that he can take their powers to become the true Demon King and overthrow the Emperor. In reality, he is not Lelouch's twin at all, but rather a clone created from the DNA of Charles and Marianne, and then brainwashed into believing he was the twin brother of Lelouch