Shiori Fujisaki


Shiori Fujisaki is the primary protagonist of Tokimeki Memorial, and the main character's best friend from childhood. Over the years, the relationship has slowly started to drift apart, but you two are still friends. Shiori is loved by all the guys in Kirameki High. She's beautiful, smart, kind, and good at everything from academics to sports; there's very little Shiori can't do. About the only thing Shiori isn't good at inside-out is anything that involves love, something still awkward for her. Shiori aims to attend a first-class university, as that is what Shiori aims for upon completion of high school. Her best friend is Megumi Mikihara, though early promotion art often showed her with Yumi Saotome and Rei Ijuin as well (who's liked by the girls in school in the same manner as Shiori is by the guys). Source: Tokimeki Memorial Wiki