Momoka Sendou

Momoka Sendou has always been a fan of fighting and is an active role in the kenpo club. Shunuran is her best friend. She has an obsession with pandas, and usually her friends can use pandas to coax out Momoka when she is possessed. She is childhood friends with Ryuga. Momoka has the spirit of a dragon inside her when she was accidently hit by a dragon and combined with it that Ryuga summoned. When in battle Ryuga can realease the seal with his fingers or a kiss, in cases where his hands are tied. After a battle with Suzuka's enemies, it seems Ryuga does think much more of her than just a girl. He tells her that he is her partner and he can't let anything happen to her. It's Ryuga's job to protect Momoka. Momoka used to think they were friends until she now has a huge crush on Ryuga. They tease each other a lot.