Master Raionji

念仏番長, Nenbutsu Banchou

The bancho of the Sumida District. He is known as the Nenbutsu (Buddhist Prayer) Banchou. He acts like buddha and had brainwashed all the students in Kouji Senior High to be his followers of his cult. He also seems greedy since he had his followers buy many key chains, charms, etc with his image on it. He seems to have the power to blast anyone and move while sitting with some kind of psychic force but it is shown to be a trick when Akira sees Raionji use it underwater. His power is his abnormally large sized diaphragm that he keeps covered with his coat. Akira defeats him, he loses his followers (who believe Akira to be the reincarnation of Acala) and then has to pay for all the merchandise with his face on it. He later returns with a group of bancho (all defeated by Akira) to assist him against the Five Dark Vows his reason is since Akira took on his 1000 to avenge just one friend, he now truly believes in Buddha and he fully believes that Akira is the reincarnation of Acala. He is now enrolled in Akira's school where he acts like a real priest but there are times when his former greedy self appears trying to sell his merchandise. He is shown to be more cowardly in battles but will fight none the less. He gets very annoyed when people call him bald.