Emika Mito

Birthday: March 7 Blood type: A Zodiac: Pisces Height: 149cm Weight: 36kg Hobby: collecting stuffed animals Skill: diving Favourite food: shrimp fry Least favourite food: peppers Favourite subject: home EC Least favourite subject: modern literature Most enjoys: relaxing in a bath Makes sure to do every day: hair treatment Would take to an uninhabited island: bathing suit Emika is a bubbly and childish girl. Shes the little baby of her mom and dad. She mostly refers to herself as Emi. She gets along well with Kon but there are no any special feelings there. Shes pretty dense when it comes to love but she lover hearing about other peoples love lives. By default shes happygolucky and carefree but she does have troubles of her own. She never fails to invite Amechan to take a bath with her but keeps getting rejected. She may also be obsessed over bra sizes.