Takashi Itoigawa

Birthday: January 1st Blood Type: A Height: 6'1" Hobbies: Reaing, watching movies, hot springs Special Skills: Japanese Archery, can tie a cherry stem in a knot in his mouth Favorite Food: Meat, fried oysters Least Favorite Food: Fish with big scales from ponds or bogs Favorite Subject: World History, Japanese history, english Least Favorite Subject: Art Favorite Type: Yamato Nadeshiko Other: Is liked by animals Takashi is a second year high school student and is Izumi's closest friend. He is the vice captain of the club. Takashi always goes after Izumi and bears a grudge against Hana for being so close to him. Even if he does hate her, he will do anything to get Izumi happy, so he tells Hana to get back into the club, although he says it with a rather mean face. He was against her joining the club from the very beginning because he didn't want a girl joining a boys' club.