Rei Hino

火野 レイ, Sailor Mars, Raye
Birthday: 17 April Astrological Sign: Aries Blood Type: AB Hobby: Reading fortune telling Favorite Sport: Track and Field events Favorite Colors: red and black Favorite Class: Ancient Writing Least Favorite Class: Modern Society Favorite Foods: Fugu Thai cuisine Least Favorite Food: Canned asparagus Hopes To Go To: the deep sea Habit: When she looks at people she watches them patiently Special Skill: Meditation Pet she wants to raise: Iguana Dislikes: Television Motto: Do not depend on men Favorite Stone: Ruby An elegant miko shrine maiden called Raye in the English version and Raya in the French version. Because of her work as a Shint priestess Rei can sense and dispel evil even in civilian form. When she transforms into Sailor Mars she can also manipulate fire. She is very serious and focused but although easily annoyed by Usagis flightiness cares about her very much. Rei is portrayed as boycrazy in the early anime but is uninterested in romance in both the manga and liveaction series. She attends a private Catholic school separate from the other girls. Source: Wikipedia