A cute little girl who is a live-in assistant to Luke.

Lisa is actually a demon born from Lisa Oakwood, Luke's childhood friend. Although unconfirmed, it is suggested that in order to protect Luke forever, Lisa Oakwood made a Demonic Pact before dying to Valbanill and sacrificed herself to create Lisa.

Lisa greatly resembles Lisa Oakwood when she was young, possessing similar traits, such as blonde hair, purple eyes, and elven ears. She has a sweet personality and is very polite. Seems to be unusually strong for her age (for example, can carry a huge basket of vegetables). Lisa is also able to create a gigantic fireball to assist Luke in forging katana in the heat of battle. Lisa loves Luke and her life revolves entirely around him. She has proven herself very capable at doing chores around the house and takes delight in them. In addition, Lisa assists Luke in the forge. Thus she usually wears simple and comfortable working clothes. However, her dreamboat always were elegant and stylish dresses.

When confronted by Luke about her true feelings, Lisa reveals that while she is very happy being with Luke, it also pains her because she is only a "duplicate". She shoulders the burden of Luke's past and knows that her existence reminds Luke of it. However, Lisa confesses that her one wish in life is to remain by Luke's side forever.