Musca Noctircus


Musca is a supporting character and is the youngest child in the royal Noctitcus family. She appears to be bratty and snotty since she is used to getting whatever she wants whenever she wants. She also has an odd habit of talking in third person every once in a while. Musca used to look down on Belca with scorn and disliked him in the beginning of the series. However, as the series progresses, her opinion of him changes and she often refers to him as "Commoner's Child" or just Belca. She tries to make contact with him now since Orcelito appears to be ignoring her in her opinion and somewhat looks fondly to Belca. Earlier, Lagen had been poisoning Musca was a less harmful poison that only made her feel sick and feverish. Ossan, her self appointed "knight" realized this and told her the truth. Musca realizes this and runs away. (Source: Wikipedia)