Yuuta Asaba

浅羽 悠太, Yutan

Age: 16-17 Height: 174.8 cm Blood Type: B Birthday: June 20 Likes: Udon noodles (particularly the warm kind), quiet places Dislikes: Celery The older twin of the Asaba brothers who comes off as more sociable than his younger counterpart. Yuta parts his fringe in the middle unlike Yuki. He and his brother are identical and both are popular among girls. However, Yuta was more popular during elementary school. Though both come off as monotone and passive, Yuta expresses himself more than his younger twin. He is more mature than Yuki and the others, and though he rarely voices his entire thought process, he is very observant. He cares deeply for his brother, and he doesn't want to make choices for him. He is in the same class as Shun. Aside from Yuki, Yuta cares for Shun, as do the rest of the group. Together with Shun, he is a member of the tea ceremony club. During junior high, he started Kendo and is considerably skilled. He is called "Yutan" by Chizuru. (Source: Wikipedia)