Tong Pang

龐統, Sixth Enigma,Fledgeling Phoenix

Courtesy name Shiyuan. Pang Tong is the sixth member of the Eight Enigma, genius military advisors handpicked by renowned veteran strategist Sima Hui 'Shujing'. Thanks to his extraordinary power of calculations, he's hailed as the 'Fledgeling Phoenix' (鳯雛; Fèngchú), one of the two titles conferred on the best of the Enigmas only (the other being 'Crouching Dragon', conferred on the Seventh Enigma Zhuge Liang). Regardings his principles, Pang Tong is considered a ruthless utilitarian to whom even the infamous Enigma Jia Xu bows his head. He's close friend with Zhuge Liang, who although advocates more benevolent methods, shares his dream of restoring the era of Imperial Han. Of the Eight Enigma, Pang Tong was the sixth to leave the school of Shujing. The chain stratagem he subsequently presented, which involves several prominent warlords in a surprise all-out extermination of Cao Cao's faction, soon pushed Cao Cao into deadly predicaments, and would have claimed his life had it not been for the combined effort of Guo Jia and Xun Yu. This also brought about the demise of the Sima clan, marking one of the most significant plot development in the story.