Narciso Annasui

ナルシソ・アナスイ, Narciso Anasui, Narciso Anastasia
Height: 178 cm Manga 183 cm Anime Occupation: Student formerly Obsessed with disassembling objects Annasui grew up a bit awkward during his childhood days. He painstakingly dissected a pocket watch his neighbors car and whatever else that struck his fancy. One day while returning from work he found his girlfriend cheating on him with another man. In response he methodically tore both of them apart. He was sent to prison and a faced twelve year sentence for first degree murder. Although he was briefly seen next to Weather Report by Hermes Annasui doesnt get involved with Jolyne until F.F. comes to Emporio for help. Seemingly entranced by the tales he has heard of her Annasui agrees to become Jolynes bodyguard out of his burning love for her. Upon finding her Annasui keeps true to his word and protects Jolyne to the point of selfsacrificing at times.