Kaite Madigan

A veteran ZAFT pilot turned mercenary; pilots multiple customized mobile suits manufactured by the Earth Alliance and ZAFT; very confident in his abilities, and always wears a business suit even in battle; employed by Matias to protect Jess Rabble; normally calm and collected, but sometimes becomes extremely violent under stress; he comes from the Combat Coordinator development organization "Circus" (where the only way to leave the organization is to win in handicapped fights); all his mobile suits have a cross on the left chest, which is the mark of people who passed the organization's test to leave; he hates Elijah Kiel since he is a pretty boy, and does not acknowledge anyone who does not work hard (even though Elijah has worked to become an ace pilot); his mobile suits are equipped with a customized beam revolver with bayonet; when training Jess in his ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Custom, it is equipped with shoulder shield that acts as shield, katar blades and gatling gun. (Source: Wikipedia)