Shirou Otori

鳳 白羽

Hair colour: white Eyes colour: blood red Blood type: A Birthday: December 24 Zodiak sign: Capricorn Height: 170cm Malice: Aeon (no number) Otori Shirou is the best student of Ririko's class. He origins from a wealthy family "that produces nobles and politicians" as Maya said. Unlike Kurokichi Kagenui he is very reticent, withdrawn and level-headed but easily gets irritated (especially by Kagenui). Shirou is a kind of clean freak and always wears gloves, he hates noise, dirt and everything that treatens his peace. He is albino that is he has white hair, pale skin and blood-red eyes. Girls suppose him to be very attractive (Ririko as well) but nobody dares to speak to him first so he usually spends recesses reading books. His father is said to be his only family but they live apart and Shirou seems to hate him. He often protects Ririko doing that with some ulterior motives and strings alongs with the idea that all the Malice must be destroyed though suffers to interact with Kagenui. His own Malice, Aeon, has the power of Holy Lance. It was given him by Ririko's father, Magatsu Benibana. He summons it saying "Come... Drink my blood. Eat my flesh". Both Kagenui's and Shirou's Malice have no number so they are referred to as Jokers by the Toy Soldiers. Source: