Kurokichi Kagenui

影縫 黒吉

Hair colour: black Eyes colour: dark brown Blood type: B Birthday: October 16 Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 175 cm (5'9") Malice: Corpse Eye (no number) Kagenui Kurokichi is Ririko's mysterious classmate. He seems to be quite intelligent though his school attendency leaves much to be desired. He excuses his absenteeism by explanations like "I didn't know that the semester has already begun". Kurokichi and Otori Shirou are poles apart, so he oftenly exasperates the latter with his somehow extravagant acts, sleeping while lessons and calling him by first name (which he believes to be an inherent attribute of friendship). In this light it is no wonder that both Otori and Kagenui are "Jokers" as their Malice have no numbers. Despite his usual calm nonchalant manner he steers a steady course towards his own aims which he claims to be destroying all the existing Malice with the help of Ririko and Otori Shirou. Being one of the most powerful his Malice usually looks like shadows streaming and melting around him. He describes it's nature as "Just darkness...". Kagenui is very popular among school girls because of his attractive appearance but at the same time he supposed to be a bit eccentric. He adores milk and is often seen sipping it even at school. He is apparently connected with the Toy Soldiers but it is unknown if he has to maintain his physical form in the same way as they do