Goku Son

孫悟空, カカロット, Kakarot, Kakarotto
Race: Saiyan Height: 58 Weight:145 lbs Birth Year: 737 Age Hobby: Fighting a Strong Opponent Favorite Food: All Types of food Favorite Vehicle: Kintoun Nimbus Originally named Kakarot Goku is born a member of a race of extraterrestrials called Saiyan. Shortly following his birth Goku is sent from his home planet Vegeta to prepare Earth for sale on the intergalactic market by destroying all its life. Due to an injury to his head that caused him severe amnesia Goku forgets his purpose and instead focuses on becoming stronger for little more than the pleasure of it. As the series continues Goku meets Bulma a brilliant teenage girl Yamucha Oolong and Puar whose characters mirror those found in Wu Chengens Journey to the West. He also encounters one his closest friends Kuririn and others during his training. Participating in several World Martials Arts Tournaments Goku also battles foesturnedallies such as Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu as well as the offspring of Demon King Piccolo named Piccolo Junior. Source: Dragon Ball Super Exciting Character Guide