Gokuu Son

孫悟空, Goku Son Kakarot, Kakarotto (カカロット)
Blood Type:B
Race: Height: 175 cm 59 Birth Year: 737 Age Hobby: Fighting a Strong Opponent Son Gokuu is a boy we meet in a forest far from any civilization. He lives in this forest alone as his grandpa passed away he only has this special orblike object called a Dragon Ball to remember him by which he will sometimes talk to as if it is his Grandpa Gohan. As the series continues Gokuu meets Bulma a brilliant teenage girl and they go on a journey to collect these 7 magical dragon balls which actually have wish granting powers once all of them are collected. During this journey they meet and befriend Yamcha Oolong and Puar whose characters mirror those found in Wu Chengens Journey to the West. Gokuu also encounters one his closest friends Kuririn and others during his time training. Participating in several World Martials Arts Tournaments Source: Dragon Ball Super Exciting Character Guide