Midori Imaji

今治翠, Mother

A modern-day Japanese housewife, who prides herself on a clean home, a balanced budget, and a frugal yet "tasty" dinner. Although at times she finds nifty tricks to multitask and consolidate household chores (like vacuuming the rug and waxing the wooden floor all at once), she is awfully clumsy and gets herself into sticky situations from losing control. Despite her hard work, she is also known for being somewhat lazy by taking copious afternoon naps, watching TV while eating senbei, and skimping out on shopping and/or cooking on rainy days. She often steps out on shopping trips and afternoon teas with her good friends Mrs. Mizushima and Mrs. Toyama. Additionally, they often take part in activities with (the more affluent) Mrs. Misumi. They often envy Mrs. Misumi's "rich" lifestyle and try to find "affordable ways" to be more stylish and upbeat. Her hobbies include shodou and cooking and eating chikuwa. She was also born in Ōita Prefecture. Her childhood name was "Banban". Although she had a childhood friend (that she liked a lot and hoped to marry), she was placed into an Omiai arranged marriage and married Father. She is also a very strict mother to her two children, and tries to have them waste less money/electricity/food, etc. Although she tries to make herself look more upbeat, she is very traditional in thinking when it comes to her daughter Mikan. (She won't allow pierced ears, staying out late for Karaoke, excessive fashions, and values housework over homework.) She is sweet on her younger son, however, and often lets him slide with things Mikan can't get away with.