Shiro Amachi

天地 志狼 (竜の子, 竜の軍師), Dragon Child, Dragon Strategist, Ryuu no Ko, Ryuu no Gunshi

Amachi Shirou is a Japanese junior high school student along with his best friend, Masumi, on a school excursion to China. When their airplane is swallowed by a dragon, they find themselves back in China the Tale of 3 Kingdoms (San Guo Zhi) period. The pair try desperately to survive and are named "Leader of the Dragon" and "Dragon Princess," important historical figures of the period. In the background lurks Sima Zhongda, a man waiting for his chance to conquer the country. The grand tale of "San Guo Zhi" is played out on the vast Chinese mainland in this Neo-San Guo Zhi historical action fantasy.