Reid Hershel

リッド・ハーシェル, Rid

Age: 18 Height: 5'8" (173 cm) Weight: 137 lbs Origin: Inferia Class: Hunter Reid is a laid back hunter, the easy going one and leader of the group. He uses a sword as his primary weapon in the anime. His characteristic ranges from compassionate, caring and skillful, to gluttonous and somewhat lazy. Reid is a good fighter and hunter, as depicted early in the first episode where Reid notices he is being followed by someone (Marone). Reid loves to lay down and calmly watch the sky; in one episode he is being disturbed while doing so and moves to various places to get a good nap (only to get showered by rain in the end). Reid is very caring about his friends althogh he doesn't say it. Keel himself, who usually argues with Reid, says that Reid is a kindhearted person. Reid proves this by helping Marone protect the people and island of Belcarnu, helping Corina and comforting Meredy. In comparison to his game version, he is shown as more dense, more caring, a rather change from his "normal" aspect as the others in the anime, as well. (Source: Wikipedia)