Rinna Sawaki

沢城 凛奈
A second year transfer student. Wataru Hoshino meets her at Takashi039s bar while he039s drunk. They chat and then leave. The next morning Wataru awakes to find her asleep in his room wearing only bra and panties. She wakes he tells her he can039t remember a thing from the night before she slaps him and leaps from his second story window. She officially enters his school joining his class and dorm the next day. She acts sullen and obstinate to both students and faculty. She skips the welcome party that the other dorm residents arrange for her telling them that she doesn039t want to make friends and face the pain of parting with them in only a years039 time. Wataru shouts to her his vow to that he will force her to become friends with them. Takashi informs Wataru that he and Rinna first met in his bar. Realizing that Rinna039s general aloofness eminates from his having forgotten about her he challenges her to compete with him in the upcoming school marathon to settle the matter. If he wins she will participate in dorm meals and if she wins he will leave the dorm. Wataru arrives at the marathon exhausted but takes a shortcut during the run and arrives first at the finish line. Rinna welcomes the excuse to join the group and joins them in another welcome party that reboots her introduction. Source: Wikipedia