ウルフマン, Rikishiman, Sosumi
Wolfman is a Japanese Sumo Choujin who once held the title of Choujin Sumo Yokozuna but later switched to Choujin Wrestling. He trains his muscles vigorously and boasts of his Beautiful Muscles of Steel Hagane no Nikutaibi muscles that exceed Kinnikuman039s. At first he despises Kinnikuman and calls him Zeinikuman Flabbyman but after losing to him in a Sumo match he begins to respect his abilities. From then on he appears as an Idol Choujin and fights against the Akuma Choujin. As with the 21st Choujin Olympics final preliminary and his fight with Springman Wolfman often ends up facing rather plain opponents in onesided fights. He becomes the cannon fodder Seigi Choujin quickly and easily defeated in order to show off how powerful the bad guys are dying and returning to life 3 times throughout the series. Despite this poor treatment Wolfman039s specialty in Japan039s national sport of Sumo has garnerd him plenty of fans. Wolfman was modeled after popular rikishi Chiyonofuji Mitsugu quotWolfquot being Chiyonofuji039s nickname. In the anime he is renamed Rikishiman Real Name:Rikio and uses phrases like Dosukoi and Gottan desu becoming a more typical Sumo character.