ギルガメッシュ, Archer, King of Heroes, King of Kings, Golden King, King of Babylon, Oldest King, AUO, Gil-kun
Height: 182 cm Gilgamesh is the King of Uruk said to have reigned during the Sumer Dynasty in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago. Hes the namesake Hero described in the Epic of Gilgamesh making him the most ancient Hero on which all the others legends were modeled. This grants him the title of King of Heroes and within his Gates of Babylon there are the prototypes of all the Noble Phantasms of the Heroes yet to come. Born from the human King of Uruk Lungalbanda and the goddess RimatNinsun he was a being so perfect and transcendent to the point of being twothirds deity and onethird human. He was the chosen one to guide humanity on the earth that was slowly abandoning the Age of Gods but he grew up to be a selfish and arrogant despot. His only friend and being he considered his equal was Enkidu. In Fate/Zero: In Fate/strange Fake: