Maki Baian

The Drunk

Appears early in the manga and is one of Gama's earlier opponents in the martial arts competition. He is usually seen getting drunk from his sake urn. He is of the Tengen School fighters under the 10th son, Washitzu Naosada. His weapon is the ningata. Baian first meets Gama at the Unabara Outer Castle Town. He gives Gama a nosebleed using the move named "Swallow" in their first meeting together. The Tengen School uses a temple as their headquarters. The team consists of Yakushiji Eima, Hiyoshi, Yukimura Masakiyo, Junnosuke Akoboshi, and Baian Maki, himself. The second time the two meet is after the Tengen School meeting in the temple. The sun rises and Gama unleashes his ambush. Other Baian moves revealed: Bisentou, Ashinagi, and Renge (secret technique). In Renge, 1st Flower: Tsubaki; 2nd Flower: Botan; 3rd Flower: Kuchinashi.

Baian dies at the hands of Gama.