Kanade Sakurai

She is the most popular student among the freshmen in Kouta's school, referred to as the "idol" of the school. By knowing that, she thought she was the cutest student to everyone until the day Natsuki showed up in school. At their first meeting, Kouta falls asleep due the lack of sleep he got after the first night with Natsuki staying at his house. Angry about his reaction and the way Natsuki presented herself, she gets into trouble with a group of high school students, only to be then protected by Kouta who couldn't look away from the fact that she was in danger. It is because of this that she may have taken a liking to Kouta because of the way he stood up against them, though is quick to deny this if someone points that out. When Kouta skips school to follow Natsuki, she accompanies his friends to his house to see why he was not at school. She seems to have an inferiority complex towards Natsuki, as shown when she tries to catch the boys' attention to no avail, when Natsuki is around. source: Wiki