Naoyoshi Washitzu

Washitzu Naoshi is the 28th son of Washitzu Naoshi. He intend to use Gama to become the next Lord. First he tracks down the Ogame Style, which is located at the some mountain chain. He uses 2 members to test the strength of this style. Naoshi intends to bring back the legendary swordsman, only to find some punk kid with attitude. However it's revealed that this punk is Gama, the son of the legendary swordsman he was looking for. By seeing Gama's strength, he knows the Ogame Style will succeed. Together with Gama he travels to Onibara to win. He acts like a feudal lord you would look up to. Common sense, loyality and also kindness. Because his mother was a commoner, Naoyoshi has been mistreated and disrespected by his other brothers all his life. This treatment compels Naoyoshi to win the Grand Tournament so that he can change his own destiny. Ultimately all of his brothers were killed and he became a tool for Jinsuke Kurogane and became damiyo with his mother being used to make sure he fulfilled his role. although his mother set everything up and is aware she is nothing more than a tool. He usefulness for Jinsuke if reaching it's end and he shall soon be killed. Currently he awaits for the arrival of Gama to rescue him.