Chocolate Misu

Age: 19 Weapon: Garrote Wire The sexy straightforward sometimes highmaintenance shorttempered and somewhat nymphomaniac older sister of Tira. She is madly in love with Carrot whom she more than often calls quotDarlingquot and literally throws herself at him. Often Carrot is petrified of her and flees from her advances. Still she keeps a close bond with Tira protecting her when its needed and fighting in her name more than once. She and Gateau are a separate team early in the manga but eventually all five form a single group. Chocolate is likewise a dominatrix but is far more violent and savage than her sister and is also able to turn Carrot back to normal in the anime mdash after beating him up even harder than Tira. Her main weapon is her garrote and she is incredibly skilled with it. Its suggested that her character was inspired by Lum from Urusei Yatsura. Chocolates dominatrix attire has a rather dark tone in the manga and OVAs in that she resembles a Nazi German soldier. Consisting of a leather cap with the Nazi symbols of the eagle carrying the swastika as well as the Gestapo Deaths Head suspenders that barely cover her ample bust leather pants and boots. Her dominatrix attire in the manga and OVAs is also reminiscent of that worn by Charlotte Rampling in the 1974 film The Night Porter. However in the TV anime her attire is more reflective of a biker: a slightly modest red leather bra top along with similar leather pants boots and cap sans the Nazi symbol with red gloves. At the end of the anime after being reborn Chocolate appeared in her manga outfit with her sister. Even though she loves Carrot sincerely Chocolate is a very jealous girl and is quite vicious and ferocious towards Carrot when she catches him cheating on her and whips him mercilessly. Normally however she is very amorous and romantic towards him always smothering him in deep love and affection which is the reason Carrot keeps his distance from her between the two sisters. Chocolate often has romantic/sexual dreams of her and Carrot together. These shjoesque fantasies usually feature Carrot as very wellgroomed and debonairlooking as well as often ending in Carrot making love to her in which she often goes into romantic/orgasmic frenzies. Oddly enough her own image in these fantasies show her to be either meek or submissive which is a big change from what she truly is.