Kira Daidouji

She is a child prodigy who earned her doctorate in Elemental Science at a prestigious American university. However, Kira became embittered with the world around her when she was forced to return to elementary school upon returning to Japan. Consequently, she has become arrogant and condescending, and she has come to the conclusion that her only remaining option is to embark on a quest for global domination. Kira Daidohji received her doctorate at age ten, performing breakthrough research on ether conductors. The blob she takes with her into combat with her is also made of ether, and it changes its shape to suit Kira’s immediate needs. This is a revolutionary application of Elemental Science, and it would surely make Kira even more famous than her research on ether conductors. Nevertheless, unveiling him to the world is not her highest priority right now. Kira has been asked many times what the blob’s name is, but she always answers. “Names are there to differentiate one entity from another, but since he is the only one of his kind, what would he need a name for!?”. Sometimes Kira always like to refer herself as Dr. Kira. She has also gained some notoriety among fans of the game because of her dressing style (she wears a swimsuit into battle along with her school bag).