Satoshi Imamiya

今宮聖志, Sasshi
Satoshi Imamiya or quotSasshiquot is a precocious carefree hyper 12yearold boy who speaks with an Osaka accent and can be pretty dorky at times. He has a huge passion for collecting things such as baseball cards vending machine toys and so forth. The loss of his treasured possessions when he moved to a new condo was hard on him but it039ll just motivate him to restore his collections to their former glory. He039s also a big fan of RPGs scifi dinosaurs guns and dating simulation games. Sasshi039s family used to run the Turtle Bath which was the local bathhouse but was forced to give it up and move out due to redevelopment plans for the Abenobashi shopping arcade area. Sasshi spends his lazy days hanging out with his best friend Arumi having practically grown up together with her in the shopping arcade.