Yuuji Kagura

The second main protagonist of the story. Yji was once a sweet innocent little boy who Kazuki Arisaka was in love with. He was somewhat lecherous when he was little but Kazuki doesn039t remember. That is until he left for 10 years only to come back as a naughty girlchaser. He is constantly finding himself in situations where Kazuki is halfdressed constantly has lewd fantasies and sometimes ends up touching girls where he shouldn039t be touching them. Despite this it seems that he does have a nice kind side and actually values Kazuki039s friendship this being shown when he was helping her pick out a swimsuit even though they might have been more revealing with each choice he was picking them as they were her favorite color. Throughout the story it is suggested that he is in love with Kazuki though he might be unaware of it as he appears to direct all of his perverted actions to her. Wikipedia