Daranimaru Goryou

五嶺 陀羅尼丸
Birthday: December 12 Height: 178 cm Likes: Youkan sweets oshiruko mochi with azuki beans soba noodles tea walking the gardens at the Goryo residence Dislikes: Budgeting money loud noises trains oily foods rawsmelling foods etc. a picky eater Talents: Writing all by brush master calligrapher hearing everything said about him strategizing Executor of magic law. CEO of the Goryo Group a magic law syndicate with 99 branches throughout Japan and a vast influence on the Magic Law Association. Dreams of one day leading the largest magic law group in the world. Considers Muhyo to be his rival. While inferior to Muhyo in both tempering and the level of his summons he is a gifted strategist with a mind on par with Muhyo039s. He makes good use of his loyal assistant Ebisu during execution and has excellent teamwork. Was taught in his Magic Law School days by Tomas and was the victim of an attempted abduction by said teacher. Said by Tomas to have had no friends because of his pride. While considered by some to be heartless and even evil Goryo sees things through the eye of a jaded businessman. He039s pitiless and considers only the good of his group and what profit can be made when making decisions. Once ordered a woman to be repossessed by a spirit when she couldn039t pay his exorbitant fee and once laughed at a story of a single mother and her dead child saying quotIt was only one child. Why she could have found a new man. Made another one.quot When his faithful assistant failed to carry out a difficult maneuver Goryo had no qualms about firing him. After being rescued from Tomas by Muhyo and co. and losing his entire group Goryo seems to have had a change of heart valuing Ebisu as more than just a tool and expressing a wish to start over.